A Smattering of Every Day Religion

There are so many things going on right now surrounding religion and every day life that I decided to share some of the stories I think need some attention. Today I have three stories from around the country dealing with issues of gender, politics, United Methodist polity, and more. You may have heard about these stories, you may have not, but I think they should all be inspiring discussion.

And now, a smattering of every day religion.

“Vaginas Are Like ‘Little Hoover Vacuums,’ and Other Things Abstinence Lecturers Get Paid to Tell Teens” and “Standing Against Ignorance: When Justin Lookadoo Came to Richardson High School”

  • Need some talking points when speaking to teenagers about sex? Justin Lookadoo (pictured here), Pam Stenzel, and other abstinence only sex “educators” have some great ideas for you. Just tell the girls their vaginas are vacuums that will suck up sperm if a boy even gets near it; make sure the girls, again, know if they take birth control, their mother will probably hate them; and don’t forget to let the boys know it’s okay that they are stronger, less sensitive, and more adventurous…in fact, that makes them more dateable! The first article gives you a summary of these more extreme, religiously based abstinence only speakers; the second is a piece from Rev. Dr. Jaime Clark-Soles, who responds Richardson High School’s special assembly with Justin Lookadoo.

“‘I Relied Upon My Faith,’ George W. Bush Tells Leno”

  • George W. Bush was on the Tonight Show this week, and told host Jay Leno that he relied on his faith during his presidency. Bush is a conservative Christian and many of his actions reflect this faith (see this article for more about his religion during his time in office). Whether you agree with his views or not, this certainly shows the difficulty in removing religion from political actions.

“Frank Schafer, Pennsylvania Methodist Pastor, Suspended After Officiating Son’s Gay Wedding” and “Pa. Pastor Expects To Be Defrocked For Gay Wedding”

  • Something that has been happening in the United Methodist Church recently is the trial, and conviction, of Rev. Frank Schaefer for performing his son’s wedding to another man in 2007. The debate about LGBT rights and marriage equality is causing a huge rift in the UMC, truly testing the unity of the United Methodist Church. It’s a painful time for many United Methodists, especially those who love, and affirm the love, of same sex couples.

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